Using a Web Designer vs. Doing It Yourself

It’s a given that you need websites for a variety of online purposes…full website to showcase your products and services; Blog to share fresh and relevant content; Optin pages to build your List; Sales pages to sell products; Membership sites to format the product content purchased, etc.

buildor webdesigner.thm  Using a Web Designer vs. Doing It Yourself

The big question then becomes, should you hire a web designer or build it yourself?

Where do you start? Or, if you are experienced, how do you move forward from here? Should your domain name be the same as your company name?

There are so many questions to answer. There are a lot of build it your self sites out there and a lot of great tips on the Internet. So what it really boils down to is what works best for you and your situation. You really need to weigh all of your options along with the pro and cons for both sides.

We have created the following video to help answer some of those questions for you and, if you already have a number of websites, reframe the issues, so you can make the best decision for the next phase of your business.

If you’d rather take it with you on your MP3 player, download the Audio now!

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  1. Mark

    Enjoyed the video! Thank you.

    I’m a serious business owner and subject matter expert — not a coder, programmer or designer!

    Here are some key questions you did not address:
    1. How do I locate a really good web designer whose fees are not going to destroy my cash flow?
    2. Where do I look? Who do I ask?
    3. What criteria should be used in hiring such a designer?
    4. How do I manage them for best results?
    What are reasonable fees for development and for maintenance?
    5. Can you recommend someone to me? (Feel free to send your recommendations to my private e-mail.)

    Thanks, Mynders!


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