Website Icons Dress Up Your Membership Website or Blog

glossy 3d blue orbs2 109 Website Icons Dress Up Your Membership Website or Blogsmileyface2 Website Icons Dress Up Your Membership Website or BlogWebsite icons can dress up your blog, and make navigation so much easier within your membership websites.

But finding good (and free) website icons can be a chore! Especially when you want to use them on a site that makes money.

Icons for Your Blog

Adding an image or icon to a blog post can create visual interest and break up the text. If you have a perfect picture for your blog post, of course that’s a preference.

But what if you haven’t got a great image, and you really don’t want to spend time looking for one and then resizing it for the web (so it doesn’t slow your blog down to a crawl).

Well, consider using icons!

You can add an icon to the post as a thumbnail image. Or, you can even go so far as to select an icon that represents each category in your blog, and then use that same icon for each post you make within that category. Kind of a visual category representation – it adds the visual appeal but doesn’t require hunting down a new image for every single post.

Website Icons and Membership Sites

In membership sites, it’s often useful to have a Dashboard to help your members locate various news, content, updates and additional offers. A common way to create the Dashboard page is to use Icons to represent different categories. Of course, it’s best if you can use icons that all look similar, rather than random icons that don’t have a congruent look.

So, over the weekend as I was cruising around online, I found a great little site that offers website icons of all kinds. You need to check the licensing for each category and group of icons to see how you can use them, and many of them are OK to use commercially. Cool!

Here’s a quick video showing how we use icons on blogs and in our membership sites, as well as a brief tour of the site I found.


Tell me what you think. Post your comments below...

  1. Cathy Demers

    Hey Deb!
    Two Questions:
    1. How is it that you always do such a great job of providing such useful information in such an easy-to-understand way?
    2. How did you know I was hunting around looking for something to jazz up the look of my blog posts.

    Nice work…as usual.

    Cathy Demers
    Business Mastermind Teams

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  2. Deb

    Hi Cathy! Thanks and I’m glad this info was timely.


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