What IS that Color?

 What IS that Color?I often want to use a particular color across a number of my landing pages or other web pages, but I don’t know the hex codes or descriptive codes I need to use in my html editor or graphics program.

Let’s say you find a web page with the perfect color, and you want to use that color on your page. How can you quickly and easily identify it so you can use it?

Or maybe you want to create your own palette of colors to use, and aren’t satisfied with the small palette provided on your html editor or blogging platform.

Use ColorPic to Pick Your Colors

We’ve been using a free software tool called ColorPic to accomplish these tasks for our sites.

Here’s a short video showing how to grab a color from your computer screen and use it in your web creations.

Then, after you have the color you want, if you want to use that color for your text, simply do this:

  1. Open your html editor (such as KompoZer)
  2. Type in your text
  3. Select the text you want to make a different color
  4. With that text selected, go to ‘Format’ and then choose ‘Text Color’
  5. Open your ColorPic and have your selected color ‘active’ by clicking the chip (I have ColorPic open over my KompoZer in the image below)
  6. Copy the hex code from ColorPic by clicking the ‘copy’ to the right of the code
  7. Paste the hex code into your html editor ‘Format ==> Text Color’ box, in the “Hex:” box that is under the ‘Last Picked Color’ button, leaving the # sign in the box and pasting the hex code in the format #moz screenshot 4 What IS that Color?FF8400
  8. Click OK and your selected text should now be the perfect color!

 What IS that Color?

Here’s how your text should look now!

 What IS that Color?

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  1. Mynders

    Thanks so much Deb.
    I have used this tool but could not figure out how to make the color actually grab into the boxes. What I had to do was write down the Hex# while hovering over the color.
    Very helpful!

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