Do You Know What Makes a Good Landing Page?

instant access Do You Know What Makes a Good Landing Page?

A landing page is the entry point into your lead generation system and your sales sequence.

But so many people don’t use this tool effectively because they don’t understand the huge opportunity that it offers.

I’m not referring to the essential components of a Headline, the Body (with bullet points about your free giveaway offer) and your opt-in form, although all of these are certainly worthy of mention (and necessary for an effective landing page).

I’m talking about the opportunity to target your Landing Page to one specific need of a subset of your audience. And you want that need to be one that is met by the product or service you will ultimately be offering to people who opt in on this Landing Page.

To do this effectively, you don’t start with your idea for your Landing Page, or even your free giveaway. You start with the product you want to sell – and then work backwards from there.

Let’s work through the 4 elements with an example:

1. Pick one product from your offerings to focus upon.

The temptation is to have your Landing page be a catch-all for everyone you think may have an interest in your giveaway report, video, or audio. Wrong!

Instead, pick one product or service (your own or an affiliate product) that you want to lead your prospect toward with this landing page.

For example, let’s say you are a Life Coach. You might decide you want more clients in your multi-week group coaching calls, so that is the product at the end of this funnel.

2. Pick one need that your product will solve.

Imagine you have a process that can help people overcome the stresses in their life, whether it’s divorce, loss of a job, the passing of a loved one, etc. Choose one source of stress – say loss of a job.

3. Design your giveaway to offer an immediate solution for an aspect of that one need.

You decide to offer a free report, “Five Things You Can Do This Week to Get Back in the Job Market Fast.” And, of course, the most important of those five things is to effectively manage the stress caused by the loss of your job (leading to them buying your group coaching course on managing stress).

Your Landing Page focuses on selling your targeted free giveaway (yes, you really do need to convince your prospects to ‘buy’ your free giveaway by giving you their contact information.

Tell them about the amazing, immediate benefits they will receive in the free report in dealing with this aspect of the loss of their job. Make sure that your free report provides good information and will produce a positive result, but doesn’t solve their entire problem. You want to demonstrate that your coaching makes a real difference (you proved it with your freebie), so they will think “Wow! If I got great results from the free report, the paid coaching must be dynamite!”

4. Write your copy using the main keywords and keyword phrases that people would use to search for solutions to that one need.

The point here is that people who will buy your Stress Management course aren’t necessarily searching for a stress management program or a life coach. This particular sub-audience is probably searching for something like “what to do when I’ve lost my job” or “techniques to deal with the stress of a job loss.”

When they type their question into a search engine, you want your landing page (focused on solving that need) to be the page that shows up in their search results.

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  1. Donna Blevins

    Simple. Straight forward and direct. Deb, you know how I love simple. Thank you for writing this. It has brought clarity to a process that I often make way to complicated.
    Donna Blevins
    The Poker Mindset Coach

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  2. Pamela S. Wynn | Tech Therapist

    Great advice to focus on one product. Seems I always try to do many things at once. Word for today – FOCUS.


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  3. Yvonne A Jones

    Deb, I’m so glad I read your post today. As I read, I thought I was doing fairly well until I got to #4. I do have keywords in the header but see where I need to be sure that my keywords or keyword phrases are in the body of the landing page as well. Thanks for the reminder and will refer to this post as I do my landing pages.

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  4. Deb

    Thanks everyone for your comments! Mynders and I need to keep reminding ourselves of this as well, and to keep a focus on one thing all the way to ‘done’ and only THEN move on to the next product or project. Seems like marketing on the internet is full of enticements to get off-task.

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