Do You Suffer From Wishful Thinking?

Maybe it comes with age. Or perhaps it’s the wisdom that comes from experience, over time,  in creating my Internet business!

But, in any event, I’ve come to the realization that I can’t get it all done. Nor, is it even a good goal to aspire toward.

I’ve Become A Pro at my Daily Checklist

You see, I’m a systems-oriented guy. So, for a long time now, I’ve been taking notes (and creating my excel spreadsheets) of all the things I should be doing on a daily basis just to “sustain” my business. And I’ve got it down. If I start at my desk at 6 AM, I can be done at 5 PM. 

But wait! That’s just the time I can start to “build” my business. You know…create products, get new optin pages up, load Autoresponders, work on building traffic, etc. Do you see a problem here?

Let’s Get Real!

Have you gotten sucked into this same pattern? There’s no way out of that cycle. The reason is that the list  of things you should do continues to grow and then you find yourself chasing the clock…in a never ending spiral to beat it.

Then, before you know it, you look back and realize that you don’t have a life. But don’t get fooled into thinking you can solve your time problem with simple outsourcing. If you’re in the mindset I’ve been talking about, you’ll fill the gap with something new.

It’s Time To Make A Choice

By now, you know what you’re best at…that 1 aspect of your business (a product line, a coaching service). You also know that you can be more productive, and balanced in your life, if you just go deep into 1 area (such as picking 1 Affiliate product to promote at a time).

Whatever it is for you, put the blinders on and follow through. Looking around at what you believe others are doing will get you nowhere. The answer is to work efficiently  in the time that is available to you…while being honest with yourself that you’re doing those tasks that will make you money in your business right now.

Tell me what you think. Post your comments below...

  1. Patty Rose

    I think you’ve touched on something that happens everyday for so many people. This kind of getting stuck in the same pattern, as you say, can happen in so many areas of life from sleep habits, to work, to nutrition and workout. It’s all about making a decision and then finding the exact point to focus on. Thanks for some great information.
    Patty Rose

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  2. Mynders

    You’re welcome, Patty. It’s easy to speak about something when it’s up for me to be examine.

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  3. William Wells

    Yes, I have been doing this long enough to always get done what I am good at and the rest goes on my Wish List. But one item came off the list yesterday. My wife finally caught my vision and wants to help. I have needed her help for a long time. She has a gift. She is a Social Chatter Box. I always wanted to channel that for the greater good of humanity ;-) just kidding! But I have always wanted her to help me with my online business, and be the voice of my company. She is good at it, so why not? I can see it now… 100′s of post a month instead of 10 ;-) Thank God she is on My Team now!

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  4. Mynders

    William, that’s great about your wife joining in your vision. And, you’re a rare breed if you can keep focused on that 1 important task and not get distracted.

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