Learn How to Write Effective YouTube Descriptions that Search Engines Love

informational chart youtube Learn How to Write Effective YouTube Descriptions that Search Engines Love

Would you like to have a better chance of having your videos returned in search engine results? Well, who wouldn’t?

Earlier this year an aimClear whitepaper “Video in Google & Bing Universal SERPs” looked various aspects of video platforms, video descriptions and search engine results.

One really interesting finding had to do with how the video descriptions and tags impacted whether a video will be returned in Google and Bing SERPs (search engine results).

In short, informational titles and descriptions far and away surpassed all others.

  • Informational               84%
  • Navigational                 18%
  • Transactional               12%

What is the difference? It is in the description.

Navigational descriptions include URLs.

Transactional descriptions are usually “Buy here” and other enticements to sign up or buy.

Informational descriptions are all about providing information to the viewer. The text of the description uses words such as:

  • How to (do something)
  • Learn how
  • What is or what are
  • History of

These ‘informational’ descriptions are more likely to be searched for and returned by Google, Bing, and other search engines in regular search results (SERPs). You will want to be sure to use keywords relevant to your topic in your descriptions as well, and don’t be stingy with your words. Write long, detailed, keyword-rich descriptions about what viewers will learn in your video.

We typically also place our destination URL at the very front of our video descriptions, in the format of  http:/www.URL.com since this creates a live, clickable link to the website we want viewers to visit.

When you enter your tags remember those to use the keywords you used in your description. Eight to ten relevant tags will be sufficient.

Remember, you can go back and review YouTube videos you already have uploaded and edit the descriptions and titles to increase the likelihood that search engines will return your video in their results.

Here’s a short video showing how to create effective descriptions to put your YouTube videos in the top searches. And yes, we put this video on YouTube!

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  1. J.T. Smith

    First of all, let me start by saying that I think this site is full of information. I have learned a lot about my YouTube videos and how to better fill in the “DESCRIPTION”
    I have a website (http://getting-paid-to-take-surveys-guide.com/)that I have been trying to get ranked for some time now.

    I’ve used what I have learned here and I will post back in a few weeks to let you know if I moved up or down in rank. “For the record” my video is in the 13th spot on YouTube under the keyword… getting paid to take surveys
    Thank You, J.T. Smith

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  2. Colette Barry

    Hello. I have a lot of instructional videos on You Tube and I would like to see if I can get traffic to grow.
    Thanks for this article :)
    Ques. I don’t see “Instructions” in the categories. I’ve been using “Howto”. Is this good?

    Last. Although I am just now trying to build traffic I’m bummed that my current traffic never grew.
    Is there some way I could get my videos evaluated to see where I can improve?

    Thanks again!

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  3. ramael

    These comments are useful i am trying them out immediately

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